From Heaven Review

Book Review: 

A timely little book, From Heaven is an Advent that takes you through the days leading up to Christmas. This compact, hardcover book will be sure to be a staple read year after year and a great way to lean in to the advent season and get closer to God.

I had just read Mornings with Tozer and found those devotionals to be very impactful. Being the season and all, this was my next pick.

Separated into 4 weeks with 7 days each, From Heaven's devotions start with a title and then have a verse (sometimes more) related to the topic. The devotionals are longer than I expected for a book of this size; they are up to four pages each. The tone is very conversational (the text is taken from Tozer's sermons) but the subject matter is always compelling and thought-provoking. The wisdom of Tozer is timeless and well-applied to a devotional like this.

One thing I particularly liked about this devotional was the depth of each one. They are multiple pages long, and it really is like listening in to a sermon. They are also not high-level and fluffy; they require some consideration to fully digest. I like that this is a more compelling devotional than some high-level ones on the market. I would recommend this book for someone who enjoys Tozer's sermons or other writings.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.