From Heaven Review

Book Review: 

From Heaven ‚Äčis a 28 day Advent Devotional designed to help our hearts celebrate Christ's coming and to center our focus on the true meaning of the holiday season. Each day is brief and can easily be read in 15 minutes, but the depth of the content encouraged me to rest and actually process what I had read. Tozer's writing is easy to understand while giving challenging exhortation. I loved this challenge he gives on page 21 while talking about God's grace to us:

"And what about the years, the rest of your existence?
You cannot believe that you have earned it.
You cannot believe that it has something to do with
whether you are good or bad.
Confess that it is out of His grace, for the entire universe is the
beneficiary of God's grace and goodness."

My rating? 5/5

I really love Tozer, and I love the way his sermons and writings are challenging and Christ-centered. From Heaven is a short, theologically rich Advent devotional that I love enough to go through with my own family this holiday season!

I received a free copy of this review from the publisher in exchange for my honest, unbiased review!