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What Jesus Taught and Prayed in His Final Hours

A 7-week Bible Study of John 13-17

Another Bible study to do which makes me happy. I have been wanting purpose and focus in my Bible reading. I want to dig deeper and extract truths that I miss in just a casual reading of Scripture.

Kim has taken these five chapters in John and devoted a week to each chapter. She splits out the verses into four days and then the fifth day is for review and reflection. I have only glanced through the book yet, as I am in the middle of another Bible study right now, but one thing I noticed about this one right away is she has a chart for each daily reading that lists the verse and then beside it is a space to write down what the verse tells you about God. I like that. It makes you stop and consider what each verse is saying to you personally. She says there may not be things to write about each verse and that's okay, but not to rush through so fast that you miss what the Spirit may be speaking to you about the verses.

The sixth week is titled "His Final Words" and goes through John 18-21 and does not have the verse by verse journaling section, and the seventh week is a recap of the previous six weeks.

I am looking forward to doing this study and really delving into those good, good chapters of John that I often just read over so quickly and lightly.

I read through the intro and discovered that Kim lost her 3 year old son one night and she recounts her last words with him in the middle of the night and by morning he was gone. His death is what brought her to Jesus. She treasures those last words she had with him and so should we treasure even more highly the last words Jesus left with us.

I was given this study by Moody Publishers and was not required to give a positive review.