Hitler's Cross Review

Book Review: 

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review.*

I have always been a big fan of history. Learning about World War II and the rise of Hitler has been a fascinating read. As a Christian, we always ask why didn’t God intervene in some of the horrors of our history? How could He allow someone like Hitler to attempt to wipe out God’s chosen people?

Erwin W. Lutzer tackles these very questions in his book Hitler’s Cross. His explanations and comparisons of Hitler to the upcoming Antichrist are frightening and straightforward. If there was a time to learn more about history, or be doomed to repeat it, it’s now.

Lutzer not only shows us how God was still very active and very present during the Holocaust, he shows how Hitler and the Nazi government used the cross to further their agenda and take Germany by storm. “Here in America, where church and state are separate, our conflict is quite different from the predicament of the church in Nazi Germany, where religion and politics has always been wedded in a close, if stormy, marriage.” (pg. 23)

Lutzer takes us through the history of the German Reich and how the nation was desperate for a leader, and Hitler knew just what to say to bring back hope to the devastated German people. With insight from those who survived Nazi Germany and even those who at one time fully supported Hitler, we get a deeper understanding of the war between Heaven and Hell and the free will we as people have. God granted the power to Hitler, just as He does with all rulers. It’s up to the ruler to choose how they will handle that power.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves history, struggles to understand an Infinite God in the horrors of this world, and those who are watching for the End Times.