Holy Hygge Review

Book Review: 

I was immediately intrigued with this book based on the back cover description. As noted there, Hygge is a Danish word that really has no English equivalent but holds an incredible amount of meaning when describing a standard of living within the home.

Erickson structures the book with eight chapters including a very valuable appendix. The chapters are as follows:

- Hospitality

- Relationships

- Well-Being

- Atmosphere

- Comfort

- Contentment

- A Home for the Homeless

Each chapter touches on one aspect of the Hygge lifestyle. They follow the same format with specific sections:

- Introductory Quote: this introduces the specific aspect of Hygge from a different perspective

- Considering...: provides questions for the reader to ponder and consider how to apply to their daily lives

- Taste and See: provides additional scripture references that dig into the aspect of Hygge

- Prayer: a pre-written prayer focused on the aspect of Hygge and making it become a reality in our lives through the power of Christ

I love how Erickson takes each aspect of Hygge and directly relates them to a specific characteristic of God. Her encouragement to view our homes and the service it can bring as a blessing and opportunity to further the Gospel is very convicting.

She also provides a wonderful appendix that includes activities for gathering people and growing the Gospel. These are simple yet powerful ways to be effective in Hygge.

I enjoyed the entire book and will utilize many of the Hygge aspects as a way to further the gospel and relationship gatherings.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.