Holy Noticing Review

Book Review: 

"Holy Noticing" is a great title on encouraging and challenging the reader to live in the moment. Indeed, in a day and time where distractions abound (busyness, work, social media, noise, advertising, etc.), we all need a reminder to live in the moment instead of waiting for that perfect day (which will never come) before we can start enjoying life.

Good blend of Bible, psychology, research, and wisdom, many topics are covered, including:

1. Biblical attitudes in holy noticing.
2. Why holy noticing matters.
3. Biblical examples of people paying attention.
4. Practical suggestions to aid in practicing holy noticing.
5. The many, many benefits of holy noticing.
6. Obstacles that can keep us from engaging the world like Jesus Christ did.
7. Practical ways we can engage the world like Jesus did.

Practical, well-written, biblical, and full of excellent insights, this title will definitely be read again. I was given a review copy by Moody Publishers in exchange for a fair review and appreciate the opportunity.