Hooked Review

Book Review: 

An updated version of a book initially published in 2008, Hooked: The Brain Science on how Casual Sex affects Human Development (Northfield Publishing) by medical doctors Joe S McIlhaney Jr and Freda McKissic Bush is a solidly researched summary of the dangers of sexual activity for teenagers and young adults. Despite the growing statistics showing young people are sexual active, the authors cite various studies relating to brain science and sexual activity and compellingly argue it is as dangerous and risky physically, developmentally, and in terms of mental health – both immediately and for their future relationships.

Regrettably, the book is painfully repetitive and after its initial insights in the opening chapter or two, really restates the content in various ways for five more chapters. Thus, I cannot recommend you go buy it. Rather borrow it from a local library or get a “Coles notes” summary.