Hosanna in Excelsis Review

Book Review: 

I love doing a Christmas Devotional and this year I had the pleasure of being sent a musical one. Hosanna in Excelsis gives the history on the words and the music of the most popular (and Christian) Christmas hymns.

Following that, is the sheet music for that song so you can sing (or play) along.

I really enjoyed reading the history behind my favourite religious hymns. I grew up in a household that was half Roman Catholic and half Jewish but neither was really religious. So I knew the most popular Christian Christmas songs and we had a nativity set. However I certainly didn’t know the history of the songs. I didn’t even fully understand what all the words mean.

The book doesn’t just have the ones that even secular people tend to sing. For example We Three King, Silent Night or Joy to the World.) The book also includes ones I’ve never heard of like On Jordan’s Bank The Baptist’s Cry, Of the Father’s Love Begotten, Fullness of Grace and Standing at the Portal.