How to Eat Your Bible Review

Book Review: 

The title of this book probably isn’t too appealing at first glance, but it’s perfect in capturing Pickowicz’s purpose of the book: craving and thirsting for the Word of God.

The Bible is often a desired, but hard to reach book for most Christians. They dabble in the most understood passages of Scripture but then tend to leave the rest alone. This book presents practical ways for believers to not only understand the Bible better, but to also love the Bible deeply.

His introduction is a good mix between history of the Bible, the need for loving and understanding the Bible, and ways to keep yourself in check while implementing his suggestions. The book is short and a quick read. It has six chapters:
- Starving for the Word
- Beginning with Prayer
- Read: what does it say?
- Study: what does it mean?
- Use: how do I apply it?
- Eat up!

Each chapter concludes with study questions. These are either questions that help the reader to review and understand what they just read or to dive deeper into how the reading can be applied to their own lives. A plethora of tools and resources are provided throughout the book which was probably my favorite part.

He includes the method developed for a Seven Year Bible Reading Plan. This is quite different than the normal One Year Bible Reading plans that are so popular as a new year resolution. Although these are very good routes for many, they lend itself to being surface level with very little “study” of the actual word. Pickowicz’s Seven Year plan allows us to read deeply into each book without the added stress and worry of finishing on a timeline.

A wonderful book for anyone looking to deepen their love and understanding of the bible.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.