How to Eat Your Bible Review

Book Review: 

Nate Pickowicz has written a basic primer for studying the Bible and cultivating a hunger for God’s Word. This little book is a quick read, but contains many helpful tidbits for digesting Scripture. As a pastor, Pickowicz clearly knows his stuff, but he writes to those who have not read the Bible before or who have had difficulty maintaining consistency in the Word. He shares from his own experience and also details the seven-year Bible reading plan he practices (123-35). This book is simple, practical, and biblically-based.

Pickowicz provides compelling reasons to read the Bible, then spends the bulk of the book explaining how to do so effectively: read (ch. 3), study (ch. 4), and apply (ch. 5). Mature Christians will find this to be a good refresher, but I recommend it primarily for new believers and non-believers to get the most out of Bible reading. Pickowicz has culled the best material from many sources and giving us simply the highlights. The material in this book is not new, but it is packaged in such a way that readers will find helpful. I plan to have my own children read it as we read and study God’s Word together.