How to Eat Your Bible Review

Book Review: 

Have we been doing it wrong? Have we been taught faulty strategies?

It’s something every Christian knows they should do. Many even desire to do it. But desire and action don’t always line up.
It’s something every Christian has heard about, been encouraged to do, and probably even tried to do at some point. But doing it every once in awhile and doing it with consistency aren’t the same thing.

It’s something that every Christian needs to do in order to know and understand more about God, His nature & character, attributes, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

But at times our engagement with it is so sporadic, so surface-level, it doesn’t change our lives immediately so we give up.

Reading & studying Scripture.

In this book, author Nate Pickowicz details not just a sustainable plan for reading and studying Scripture, but one that will lead to sustained spiritual growth and understanding of God’s Word.

How to Eat Your Bible is an encouraging and helpful read for anyone who has tried (and failed!) in Bible reading endeavors, whether a daily habit or reading through in a year, getting lost and stopping around Leviticus or Numbers. This book can help!

It is short, but thorough and practical. If you feel “stuck in a rut” with your Bible reading I highly encourage you to grab a copy of this book!

*Moody Publishers sent me a copy of the book in exchange for this review*