How to Eat Your Bible Review

Book Review: 

How to Eat Your Bible is the debut title by pastor and author Nate Pickowicz. In this short volume, Pickowicz adopts an approach to Bible literacy that is both simple and practical. Pickowicz begins the book by sharing about how he was once in a season in which his Bible sat collecting dust because he wasn't necessarily certain how to approach it. After browsing through a study Bible he had received, he found a reading plan that helped him grow in his knowledge and love of God's word. As time passed, Pickowicz adapted the plan to fit his preferences and created his own seven year Bible reading plan which is featured in the back of the book. His plan takes longer than the initial plan he came across but its aim is to provide more depth for readers in the long run.

In addition to the Bible reading plan, the first part of the book focuses on what the Bible is, how it was composed, various interpretation styles, as well as proper interpretation. I appreciated how he explained terms that often feel intimidating in ways that are clear and concise (for example, doctrine and hermeneutics). How to Eat Your Bible is very straightforward making it easy to comprehend for readers of all stages. I appreciate that Pickowicz weaves his own Bible reading journey into the book so as to relate with his audience. It is also helpful that the book overall is very short so readers can go through it quickly and then have a plan for reading their Bibles. I'm really thankful for this practical resource and highly recommend it to anyone who is hoping to better understand their Bible and to grow in Bible literacy. I received How to Eat Your Bible compliments of Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.