How to Eat Your Bible Review

Book Review: 

An instruction often told to young children at the dinner table is – “slow down and chew your food.”

What Nate Pickowicz is telling us in this book is very similar – as it pertains to slowing down and meditating on scripture as we read it thoroughly and slowly. In an age where bible consumption and reading through the Bible year take precedence, Nate’s approach is flying under the radar and will be well accepted by readers in the coming days.

In order for us to get in scripture, we must open the Bible. But in order for scripture to get in us, we must open ourselves intentionally and methodically. Nate doesn’t just offer the theoretical knowledge but he offers clear and simply application as to how this can be accomplished.

If you are looking for a fresh approach to reading and understanding scripture…or even a first approach, check out this resource as a help to getting started in a way that actually produces knowledge and fruit from bible reading.

Thank you to MPnewsroom for the book in exchange for an unbiased review.