How to Grow Review

Book Review: 

I liked this book, it is packed full of advice to help you grow closer to Christ. I love the what do I do now sections with the questions that ask you, to get you to think more about serving Jesus better. This is a great book for a new Christian to help dig a little deeper into Gods word. Its a really simple to understand the book, with wonderful advice! I love that the first chapter starts off with the things that Jesus has done for us and help us to live more like him. I love the scripture quote that is throughout the book, pulling scripture from the Bible makes it easier to reference the points being made. I love the bold letters on some of the headers and quotes throughout the book, I will reference the books often, and it makes it easy to remind myself what I'm looking for. This is a great book for anyone that is wanting to grow in Christ and is a great reminder that God wants us to grow in our relationship with Jesus. I received this book for free for my review but my thoughts are my own!