How to Grow Review

Book Review: 

One of the most common questions with new Christians and even ones who have been in the faith for years is, how do I grow in my walk with Jesus? Many pastors and authors have given their own advice on the issue. Some have been helpful which others not so much. Darryl Dash has given us some practical ways Christians can grow in their faith, in his book, How To Grow.

The first thing that Dash begins with in his book is the one thing Christians should never outgrow, which is funny because this book about growing in the faith yet there is something Christians should never outgrow. What is this thing Dash is talking about? The Gospel. Dash said the gospel is the key to spiritual growth. The gospel is the good news of Christ and Christians should never outgrow that. Most Christians think the gospel is only for non-believers. That is partially true. Yes, the gospel is the good news that sinners can come to a holy God because of the finished work of Christ to have their sins forgiven. However, the gospel is for believers to reminds us that none of our good works make God love us more nor our sins committed as a believer can take God's love from us. Dash said the gospel is also good news for the believer because it shows that God will transform us.

Dash continues on saying that God created us to grow. God has given us His Spirit to assist us in our growth. He even gives us what growth is and what it is not. Christian growth is also obeying God's commands. Jesus did say the one who loves him does what he has commanded. We grow in our walk with Christ by obeying him. Our Christian growth is not just going to church on Sunday, but it is every area of our lives.

Dash goes on that growth also takes place with the people of God. Yes, Christianity is a personal decision, but it is not a private lifestyle. Being with the church will helps us grow especially when we wrestle with things in the Bible together and worship God together. Dash also gives practical tools to help us grow. One of them is prayer. Prayer is when we communicate with God and show our dependence on him. Another is Bible reading. It is important for us to be in the Bible because God has revealed himself through the pages of scripture. Another way Christians to grow is to serve. We grow as we serve one another. God has given us gifts for ministry that should be use for the glory of God and edification of the saints.

This is a very practical book on Christian growth. I am delighted to recommend this one to a new believer or a believer that is struggling in their growth as a Christian.