How to Grow Review

Book Review: 

How to Grow by Darryl Dash
Dr. Darryl Dash, pastor of Liberty Grace Church in Toronto and cofound of Gospel for Life, shares in his introduction that we all desire to grow, but what we really need to know is how to grow in the midst of our chaotic, messy lives. He then proceeds to spend the rest of the book guiding the reader through that process using easy to understand language and examples.
At the end of each chapter he provides a chapter summary to refresh your memory of the key points of the chapter, a few questions for reflection or group discussion, and then some ideas for putting what you just read into action. This is a book that can be ready cover to cover in a short period of time, but to really grow you need to take the time to read one chapter and then think about it and put it into action before moving on to the next chapter. Or, as I plan on doing, you can read the book cover to cover, and then go back through it chapter by chapter and apply it as you go. It is a book you will want to reread multiple times as you grow in Christ.
I highly recommend this book for all who are believers or even exploring what Christianity is. Darryl takes you beyond just imparting information or helping you set goals to helping you create and keep new habits that will transform the way you live. Multiple times throughout his book though, he emphasizes that the key to growing is keeping your eye on why you’re growing. That reason is to get closer to God. Invest in this book and you’ll be investing in a lifetime resource for spiritual growth.