How to Grow Review

Book Review: 

The Christian life is a journey of spiritual growth, but it is not always constant. We all experience stagnancy, or even regression. In How to Grow, Darryl Dash shows us how and why it is important to cultivate three core habits:

1. Reading or Listening to the Bible
2. Prayer 3. Pursue Worship and Fellowship Within a Church Community

There is also a chapter entitled “Six Practices to Propel Your Spiritual Growth” that I found particularly helpful. The six practices are:

Keep Practicing the Core Habits
Practice Sabbath
Give Generously
Serve Others
Share the Gospel
Look After Your Body
I appreciate how Dash provides practical steps Christians can take to increase their spiritual growth without being rigid and legalistic. He emphasizes God’s grace and His ultimate role in changing us in order to ensure that How to Grow does not read as merely a “self-help” guide. I found this book to be an interesting and inspiring read and would recommend it to newer Christians as well as those who are more mature in their faith.