How to Overcome Worry Review

Book Review: 

When I first saw this little book I was thinking something along the lines of how could such a little book make a difference in how I worry and get anxious about things. After reading it I can tell you it’s an amazing gem and I may reread it just to make sure I keep the points ingrained in my head. Not that the advice is hard to understand or follow, just that my brain is so used to going to worry it will take time to break that habit and break into new habits.
The book may be little but it covers:
The difference between concern and worry
What God tells us about worry
What God wants you to do when you start to worry
Practical strategies to help you combat worry.
There are also appendices containing bible verses to read or meditate on about worry or anxiety and some questions for reflection.
As I said, the ideas are simple but may be difficult to carry out when you are prone to worry simply because your brain is wired to jump to worry instead of trust God. I can break that bad habit and so can you.