Humble Roots Review

Book Review: 

During a season (who am I kidding--it's ongoing!!) of learning about humility, I chose to read Humble Roots. The beautiful cover alone enticed me to read the book. And I do love plants and the *idea* of a large, productive garden, even though in real life, mine is far from that!

Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson focuses on the importance of humility in finding peace in our lives. Focusing on plant and garden life, Anderson shares about stress vs trust, submitting to God, being okay with not knowing everything, accepting imperfection, waiting for God, brokenness, new life, and more.

The chapters and topics didn't 'flow' as well as I had hoped; thus, I didn't find this a totally satisfying read. Nevertheless, the wisdom and insights shared were gentle and encouraging.

If you're a person who loves to get your hands into the soil, you may find the relationship between soil and humility engaging.

This book was provided free by Moody Publishers, in exchange for an honest review. Thanks, Moody!