I Am Found Review

Book Review: 

This book is actually a 6-week bible study that can be completed with a group or (as I did it) individually. The purpose of this study is to look at the shame we carry along in our lives and learn to see ourselves as God sees us (shameless, blameless). Through this study, the reader learns to come face to face with the issue or shame and, eventually, overcome it.
The interesting thing about this study is that I did not initially start it with a feeling that I had a lot of shame. I did not consider myself to be someone who tries to "hide" from God or others. What I found, though, is that I was struggling with some shame and did truly want to be free from it.
I completed this study while sitting in the car rider line at my daughter's school (you know, before we began homeschooling) and truly enjoyed the quiet-time reflection. While I wish there was a notes section in each week's study (like the one that's included in many of Priscilla Shirer's studies), I brought a journal with me and just wrote in it.
Overall, I would recommend this study to any woman, but particularly those who struggle with shame or feeling unworthy of God's full love. I believe it could help bring upon great advancements in overcoming this shame.