I Am Found Review

Book Review: 

It's funny how books pop up in your life. Working in the library, I'd seen this one been requested at least three times by different patrons. I filed it in my mind as something I might like to read sometime. After receiving this book, I realized it was one I'd heard of before.

This is a book worth devouring. I Am Found is soft cover, with thicker-than-usual pages for note-taking, underlining, and highlighting. It's meant to be used as a study. It's also a really pretty book--the attractive branding on the cover is carried through the rest of the material inside.

This is the second Bible Study style book I've read from Moody Publishers, and I really like this workbook-style format. This isn't a quickly consumed read--the study is spread throughout 6 weeks to give you time to truly unpack Bible passages and reflect. Each daily read is loaded with questions and Bible reading to transform how you see yourself. Each reading ends with a prayer and every new week starts off with an introduction and closes with a Truth, Lies, and Action section.

Weekly themes include topics like:
-Know Your Enemy
-You Are Not Alone
-You Are Found

As a 6-week Bible Study, this book really delves deep into shame and identity. Expect yourself to grow and be strengthened as you work through this book. It can be done independently or with a group (I think either way would have unique benefits).

And isn't shame something we all struggle with? We've all experienced it at some point in our life, for all different reasons. This book equips readers with truth, encouragement, and freedom from shame and if that's something you identify with, pick up this workbook.

For more on Laura Dingman, visit her site here: http://lauradingman.com/iamfound/ You can find resources on leading a small group through I Am Found, scripture memory cards, and other free resources to build on what you learn through this book.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.