This I Know Review

Book Review: 

I am a lover of all types of Bible studies. When I first saw this available as an ARC on NetGalley I bypassed it. When I had the chance to give this study a chance I went for it and my God I'm so happy that I did. Let's talk about the aesthetics of this study first. The book itself feels smooth, but also has some texture as if it was sanded -- sounds strange, but the feel is amazing. The covers contains pops of blue which also run into the interior of the book as well. I love how simplistic the cover is while still being eye catching. It looks to have pebbles of various sizes sitting in water -- just stunning in my opinion.

This is setup for 6 weeks and within the week you spend 6-7 days working on the lesson. You get an introduction for the week which I think can be done on 1 day by itself. You get 5 days of mini lessons to help you understand the week's topic. The last day you get a few pages with questions to reflect on the week and what you learned.

The scriptural references are amazing, the scriptures are even written inside the study (which is always a plus for me), it's very interactive and really gets you to pull various thinks from out of the study. I loved this study. Trusting a known God with the unknown is such a powerful lesson that I think many should get their hands on. I highly recommend this study and will cherish it on my shelf for years to come.