If God Is For Us Review

Book Review: 

I enjoy a good Bible study like the next person. Especially ones that are set up in in a devotional style in which you take a week to dive deep into a book or topic. If God Is For Us focuses mainly on Romans 8, but for the first week there are assignments to read chapters 1-7 to fully understand what chapter 8 is about. I love that this study doesn't just jump headfirst without giving background information. I believe knowing what previous chapters say is crucial to any study or reading of the word.

Once you get done with week 1, weeks 2-6 focus on chapter 8 in sections. I believe taking a chapter and breaking down by paragraph or verses helps you to be able to dissect and better understand what it is saying. Each week is setup with core Bible study questions and then breaks into five days of reading, exploring and reflecting. I believe this system of Bible study is useful for those who are new to studying the Word and those who have been for years.

The study itself is actually really enjoyable, fun and resourceful to understandings Romans 8. I believe that Trillia did a fantastic job in crafting a Bible study that allows you to connect with scripture, reflect on your life in relation to scripture and how to apply it to your life.

This is great for a personal study and even better for a group study. Definitely a great one to have and not so long to do.