If God Is For Us Review

Book Review: 

The last couple of years I have become more discerning of Bible studies, so I haven’t bought any in a while. Instead, I read through the Bible on my own, either by book of the Bible or a topic in the Bible, using Jen Wilken’s method. I also meet with a small group and we are either doing a Bible study or a book study. So when Trillia Newbell put out a Bible study on Romans 8 ~ If God Is For Us – The Everlasting Truth Of Our Great Salvation, it piqued my interest as she seems solid in her theology. Well, I am excited to share she is and so is this study of hers!! A lot of studies on the market today, focus more on self, than the Bible. This focuses on God and His Word, and that is what a good Bible study should do! I have also gained some new insights doing this study, now I am not all the way through yet, as it takes about 6 weeks, but I have skimmed ahead and am excited to see what else I will learn. Trillia does an excellent job providing tips and information to help you study the Bible and gives a great overview of the book of Romans. She offers suggestions on where to look for help with resources and study aids. The first week are spent doing an overview of Romans 1-7 and understanding the context (who wrote it, when, why, etc…), which is important to do before digging into any Bible study. Since this focuses on the Scripture in Romans 8, as Trillia says we need to know the therefore before we move forward. All this helps us to dig deeper, because surface level studying of the Bible is not going to help you learn about God. I like what she says “It takes time to really know a person – and the same thing is true about getting to know the Bible.” She created this to be a 5-days of study a week, but offers flexibility to help make it work for you. In addition, this study may be done in a group setting or individually.

You will have daily Bible reading, she offers cross-referencing when needed, explore section to help in understanding and to dig deeper, reflect section with questions to help, and application of the Bible’s message to be lived. All of this makes for a great study to understand and know God more!Here are a few highlights I have from the book, though there are many, plus my personal notes and answers to the questions!

Our unfaithfulness looks like bowing to our idols, putting other things in our life ahead of God. It looks like neglecting to commune with Him through prayer. It looks like stubborn repentance, refusing to acknowledge our sin and come to Him for forgiveness and reconciliation. If we’re honest with ourselves, we can see we just don’t have it in us. We lack the faithfulness required to keep a relationship with God….but thankfully our faithfulness isn’t what keeps us with Him. It’s His faithfulness that secures us.
There are a number of reasons why I would die for my kids. There is absolutely no reason why Jesus would have died for you and me except for His great love and mercy. There is nothing that we contribute to the initial relationship with our Savior except our sin.
This Scripture assures us of two things: 1) we will be tempted to sin, and 2) we will always have a way out, a way to say no. We are guaranteed this because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
It is no small thing that we can use the word Abba as we cry out to our Father.
Suffering is not the end. Our suffering leads us somewhere and to Someone. To glory.
We have a Hope, and our Hope won’t put us to shame. Our great Hope sympathizes with our weaknesses and sent a Helper to assist us in our need. We are weak, but He is strong. We cry out, and He will answer in our day of trouble.
Opportunities to share the gospel are all around us. We have a treasure – a great treasure. We keep it in “jars of clay: (2 Cor. 4:7), which means we’re human and won’t get it right 100% of the time. But we don’t have to! God is the one who does the heart work. We simply need to be faithful to share.