If God Is For Us Review

Book Review: 

If God Is For Us by Trillia J. Newbell is a 6 week Bible Study focusing on Romans 8. The first week of study is an overview of the entire book of Romans. The following weeks unpack Chapter 8, concentrating on a few verses each day.

Each week begins with an introduction which includes the questions to respond to throughout the week. The author gives short commentary on the verses for the day and then moves the reader to reflection questions.

She uses an inductive style of study which encourages the reader to dig deeper and uncover the depth of meaning for oneself. The questions are meaningful, and caused me to take time to reflect and apply God’s Word to my own life.

The study encourages readers to use the Bible foremost, using cross referencing of other Scriptures to bring clarity. She exposes readers to word studies which I love and found particularly interesting and enlightening to the text.

I did not yet do the study in its entirety, having done only the first week and several days from various parts of the study. I’ll be working through the study at my own pace so as not to be in a rush. This is a study which can be used both personally and for a group.

With that said, this is a solid and biblical study of a wonderful portion of Scripture. Romans 8 brings assurance of our salvation and the following reminders:

the Spirit is at work in our lives
we are heirs, adopted by God
our suffering has purpose in our lives
even in our weaknesses, the Spirit is at work
God is working all things out in our lives for our good
nothing, nothing can ever separate us from the love of God

The study closes with a powerful challenge to share our faith – the Gospel – beyond church circles and church walls. We are to share with those around us and in our everyday lives. We must make the most of every opportunity and leave the outcome to God.

*I was provided a copy of this book by Moody Publishers for review. All opinions are honest and my own.