Images and Idols Review

Book Review: 

To begin I would like to mention the aesthetics of this book which is wonderfully done and very attractive, the cover looks like it has been meticulously carved with the deep embossing and the black on gray which looks absolutely amazing, it is a very nice looking book, even the interior of this book is good looking. If you were to see it sitting on a counter somewhere you would definitely pick it up just based on the cover design itself. They did a fantastic job on the design of this book. Also the publisher name of Humble Beast is a pretty cool name and it is easy to remember.

This book was designed to help you to learn the beauty of the relationship between creativity and theology. It will help creatives to build a strong foundation for their art. As said by the authors themselves. A non creative person may not enjoy this book as much as someone who is creative. Myself I am very creative and enjoyed this book and my good friend who is not creative at all could not get even close to half way through this book before giving it back to me. So needless to say some may love this book and others may not understand it at all. Personally I enjoyed it and will be reading it for a second time but with a pen and highlighter in hand so I can take notes and highlight areas I want to stand out.

I really like that this book contains a lot of scripture references in it. It has helped me to want to use my creative talents in a new way so that it is for the glory of God. The talents I have been given are a gift from God and I want to glorify Him in all that I do. I have used what I have learned in this book to help other Christians with things that they need creativity for but they do not possess the ability to bring it to fruition. I know that by helping others I can build my creative talents and hopefully use the gifts I have for the greater good.

I enjoyed this book, enough so that I will be reading it again, yet at the same time I know that this book is not for everyone. As an experiment I took this to work and had it visible on my desk and everyone who saw it picked it up and that it looked fascinating and I offered to loan it to them to read and almost every one of them brought it back to me and said it did not make sense to them. If possible go to a book store and read a few pages in the store and see if it is for you or not. If you're a creative person you will probably really enjoy this book.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I apologize if this review doesn't make much sense but it is a hard one to explain unless you read it for yourself which if your are creative I would suggest that you read it.