Images and Idols Review

Book Review: 

Creativity Needs Community

Images and Idols by @thomasjterry and Ryan Lister is a timely look at the necessity of creativity in the Christian life and Church. Here's the deal: "every act of creativity , in its essence is an act of worship, a doxological expression of your true humanity and purpose." This book is about reclaiming a biblical, God-centered, theology and vision for Christian creatives. It's about creativity that flows from the heart of God to the heart of man.

The books structure follows the biblical narrative structure, namely, Creativity and Creator, Creation, Fall, Restoration, and New-Creation. How does the Fall affect creativity and art? How does Jesus as the Restorer affect our creative pursuits?

"We can rejoice in this: God is the artist who is making us worthy to stand in the gallery of His new creation, to point to Him as our Creator and Redeemer with our life, worship, and, yes, still our creativity."

This book is beautifully done. The lithographed cover is imprinted and textured. The interior art and typography is beautiful and inspiring. @anthonymbenedetto and Eleanor Ruiz did a fantastic job on this one.

If you're a creative or an artist (we all are), then check this out!

**book graciously provided by Moody Publishers for an honest review