Immeasurable Review

Book Review: 

What is success in ministry? What does God deem as worthy, approving and faithful? Chances are the answers to those questions are different than how those questions are answered on display in the lives of many ministers and the cultures of many churches.

There are scores and scores of books that are put forth to enhance so many aspects of ministry and unfortunately apart from the Holy Spirit and spiritual disciplines.

But this book…….is different.

In 24 brief essays, the author puts forth the reality of ministry in no matter what age you did or will do ministry in. The reality of ministry is to simply operate out of the joy of knowing Christ and experiencing the fellowship of being attached to the Vine. When this gets pushed to the side, ministry becomes a job instead of a joy and we face burn-out, confusion, depression, disillusionment (thinking that we are bearing fruit on our own) and before you know it, pride seeps in to the place where the Vine once was.

This book is the kryptonite to the popular ways of church marketing and other avenues of “doing ministry”.

You can read this book devotionally with the 24 essay format or read it as you face different seasons of ministry and spiritual growth or challenges.