Immeasurable Review

Book Review: 

So many times in church ministry, the thought is that bigger is better. Whether it is a worship service or an outreach event, the more people involved or the more money that is raised determines whether the service or event has been a success. Instead of focusing on doing the work or ministry, Skye Jethani asks ministry leaders to take a step back and ask “Are we doing the right work?”

Although, the book is mainly for pastors, I found many of the questions raised in the book pertaining to anyone involved in leading within the church. The book can be read a chapter at a time with time used to reflect on the questions posed at the end of each chapter. Chapter titles included Ambition, Effectiveness, Wastefulness, Enemies, Brevity, Celebrity, Technology, Justice and Consumers to name a few. Topics examined include how American consumerism has affected whether or not we commit to a local church; why reading is an essential discipline of ministry; and is effectiveness a measure of success or an idol.

This book is a valuable resource to anyone who in actively involved in ministry and provides much food for thought and reflection.

I received this book from Moody Publishers for this honest review.