Included in Christ Review

Book Review: 

This book is an 8 week Bible study of Ephesians presented by Heather, an English professor.

She has given each week a topic title as below which is based around verses within Ephesians:
1. Included
2. Chosen
3. Seated
4. Strengthened
5. Renewed
6. Filled
7. Proclaiming
8. Living Your Story
She starts off with a 'Before you begin' chapter to set things up and get you prepared and focussed for the weeks ahead. Then each day you start off reading a portion of Ephesians as she directs.

The study includes well researched information and is written from her perspective as a professor at Penn State - of which she often refers to her experiences, lessons and students. She asks thought provoking questions and gives good life application.

I enjoyed this and would recommend it.

Please note that I was sent a copy of this book for purposes of review - however all opinions expressed are my own.