Included in Christ Review

Book Review: 

When I received this bible study, my expectations were of digging into the book of Ephesians. Although this book is laid out over 8 weeks, 5 days each, I have found it hard to call a Bible study. To me it's more of a book journal catered towards those struggling with their identity in Christ.

The author is a writing professor, who teaches in a university classroom, which you get the feel for when you start to read. The method of searching for verbs throughout the text wasn't one of my favorite ways to study a book of the Bible or group of verses. Within the first couple days you are also asked to read all the chapters in Ephesians, then go back to some and look for verbs. For me, it reminded me more of an English class.

I wish that the author had slowed down a little more with each chapter reading and then dug deeper into each chapter instead of then giving you verses to read that contain the verb she focused in on.

In regards to truth, I do believe the author makes validate points about our identity in Christ. She also calls you to write your Savior story instead of focusing on your own shadow narrative story. While I love the idea of focusing in our story of what Christ has done for us, I did feel like this book was more of a therapy journal then a book study.