Included in Christ Review

Book Review: 

Heather Holleman’s books on the verbs, “seated” and “guarded” have transformed my heart. I often think of the things she taught me about how those words show me the reality of my relationship with the Lord. When I heard she had written an 8-week Bible Study of Ephesians unpacked seven significant verbs, I was delighted. I haven’t finished the study yet, but feel safe to share how much I am enjoying it. I love how it feels like one of Heather’s books, full of teaching & personal stories, just with more participation. One of my favorite parts is her language of “shadow narratives” and “Savior stories” and the tools she offers to find healing through reclaiming the shameful and/or painful parts of our stories. If you like words and want to go deeper into a book of the Bible, this is the study for you. A for me.