Included in Christ Review

Book Review: 

Any veteran believer knows that the book of Ephesians is overflowing with biblical wisdom. Thus I was excited to go through a this study to gain even more insight from the letter to Ephesus.

The book is structured as an 8 week study through the book of Ephesians with each week including 5 days of study. Holleman begins the study with a lengthy introduction. She spends a good amount of time detailing her reasoning for the study, her structure of the study, what you'll need for the study, the importance of Ephesians as well as journaling, and why we still need Jesus.

There are 7 weeks that explore valuable verbs presented throughout Ephesians: included, chosen, seated, strengthened, renewed, filled, proclaiming. The 8th week focuses on your story and living that story out based on what you learned from Ephesian in the previous 7 weeks.

Her method of study definitely caught me off guard. It is not typical and more therapeutic. Holleman believes the human brain stores knowledge in words and pictures and we learn by comparing and contrasting information. She utilizes this theory to develop a method of study that dives into specific verbs, contrasting those verbs, and using pictures to form our narrative story.
- Name Your Shadow Narrative
- Compose Your Savior Story
- List The Contrasts
- Choose an Image/Object to Remind You of the Truth of This Verb

The book concludes with two appendixes:
- Writing Tips From A Writing Professor
- Ideas for Sharing Your Savior Stories

Although the method of study took a bit for me to get into, it challenged me to think differently and process information differently. It wouldn't be my first choice for studying books of the Bible, but I gained a different perspective and insight through the atypical process.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.