Jesus Review

Book Review: 

Tozer’s writings are consistently characterized by strong conviction and resounding joy, and Jesus is no exception! The life and ministry of Jesus Christ is to be proclaimed with truthful reverence and hopeful celebration, and Tozer does not neglect either side of the spectrum. His writing provides us with a deeper understanding of the character of Christ and urges us to respond in worship.

Tozer does not shy away from stating the supremacy of Jesus Christ in all things. "Your relation to Jesus Christ is really the all-important matter in this life," Tozer writes. Jesus Christ cannot be corralled into a corner of religious experience; He is the central reality of our existence and of all things. Throughout the book, but particularly in the second half, Tozer emphasizes that Christ’s nature and ministry (Jesus as our High Priest, Jesus our Risen King) cannot just be spiritual head knowledge but must impact how we live our lives as Christians.

The book as a whole is expressed with conviction and clarity. Some of Tozer’s explanations, however, are long-winded. I believe he could have written more succinctly and not have sacrificed the truth or poignancy of his statements. I also found I did not agree with a few of Tozer’s theological conclusions regarding the union of Christ’s humanity and divinity; however I respect and appreciate the explanations he provided.

Jesus is a vibrant and engaging read from start to finish. To anyone seeking to better understand and rejoice in the matchless character of Jesus Christ, I highly recommend Tozer’s work.