A Journey to Victorious Praying Review

Book Review: 

A Journey To Victorious Praying: Finding Discipline And Delight In Your Prayer Life by Bill Thrasher was first published in 2003, with a preface added for this 2017 edition. Bill Thrasher has divided this journey into nine sections, designed as a sort of roadmap to help us move from praying strictly out of weakness and fear into prayer as a supreme means of joyful worship.

Whether your prayer life is simply in need of a rejuvenation and revival or if it is more of a sense of dreary obligation rather than delightful praise, this book is for you. Here, you will find both Biblical and modern stories that will help you overcome whatever barriers you find keeping you from pursuing a life attuned to God's plans through the communion of prayer. In a well structured ordering, Bill skillfully approaches topics such as fears and unworthiness, strength to believe in God, praying Scripture, fasting, waiting in peace instead of anxiety, and how to cultivate a lifestyle of worship.

Spread out over the course of thirty chapters, this book could easily be read as a 30-day devotional study to help bring you more into alignment with God's purpose for your life. The back of the book also contains a "Personal Journal" section with questions and focus thoughts for each chapter, Selected Prayers from Scripture, and Ideas to Stimulate Prayer - which are especially useful in a church or more formal group setting.

You should have your Bible handy while reading this book, because it's full of little scripture references to look up if you want to fully appreciate the point being made. It's also worth noting that this book utilizes a very direct and intellectual approach without any "filler" or "fluff" to bog a reader down or detract from the overall point being made. If you're looking for a rather simply "self-help" book with just a few pointer to make you feel better about your prayer life, this isn't it. However, if you're sincerely ready to make a priority of achieving a more meaningful and deliberate life of prayer, then this is the book to read. 4/5 stars.

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary print copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this honest review. All opinions are my own.*