Kitchen Table Devotions Review

Book Review: 

Family devotions are so important to implement and I always love trying new ones with my own family.

This devotional is unique in the sense that it covers the entire alphabet through Scripture and God’s characteristics. Before he provides the details of the actual A-Z Devotionals, he uses the first part of the book to explain the importance of family worship and practical ways to implement it in our busy, chaotic lives. I enjoyed this section as it reminded me of the battles we are fighting as a family and my role as a parent to our children and our responsibility to God for our family as a whole.

Sologub then provides an entire alphabet of devotionals. Each one is 2-3 pages in length and short enough to maintain engagement of family members at the table. The devotionals are all structured the same with the following:
- ASK: each family member suggests a characteristic of God based on that specific letter of the alphabet; Sologub provides a lists for reference
- Brief story related to a chosen characteristic
- ASK: question related to the written story
- Devotional w/ Scripture
- Prayer

The cover page for each devotional is also quite appealing. It includes a large capital version of the letter with a detailed illustration in the background that relates to the characteristic chosen for that devotional.

He ends the book with a few bonuses:
- His plea for parents to teach their children how to implement quiet time for themselves without mom and dad as a crutch
- His explanation for why he doesn’t pray to bless his food
- His life change once he began to engage in God’s qualities and characteristics on a consistent basis

This is definitely a fun devotional for families and would work well with children of all ages.

I received a copy of this book from Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review.