Kitchen Table Devotions Review

Book Review: 

This 26-day devotion book focuses on the attributes of God in a catchy A-Z format. In addition to the chosen word, a list of other attributes are provided for each letter to help prompt further thinking. Sologub doesn’t always choose the most “obvious” word, so the lessons do a good job of expanding the reader’s view of God. An example of this would be the letter E, where my first thought would be “Eternal” but Sologub chose “Eagle” for the lesson. I also appreciate his emphasis on talking about God with reverence and respect.

The book could just as easily be used for 26 weeks of Sunday School classes, although the brief chapters (2-4 pages) would need to be fleshed out to make a complete lesson. I’d put the target age of the book at ages 7-12, but it could work for younger and older. I look forward to using it with our children (ages 5, 7, and 9) when we finish the book we are currently using.

Kitchen Table Devotions begins with several chapters that include some of Sologub’s family worship stories, a theology of family worship, and tips for prioritizing family worship time. At the end, Sologub includes a few “bonus” chapters focused on prayer and transitioning children from parent-initiated to personal worship time.

Sergey Sologub is a native of the Ukraine and the book has been translated from that language. It was refreshing to read something where most of the illustrations were from places and cultures other than the USA.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher (Moody) in exchange for my review.