Kitchen Table Devotions Review

Book Review: 

This is a light devotional made just for families, especially those with younger ones who can correlate the alphabet with these devotions or those learning about the bible for the first time.

The book is first broken down into three sections. The first one sets the foundation for "why" to adhere to family worship. The second one is where the devotions lie. And the third section is the "for good measure" section, where we are sure what's being planted is not only in good soil but that the soil is watered.

There are 26 devotions. One for each letter of the alphabet. The devotions are short because as most parents know, children's attention spans are short. So no more than 2-4 pages per devotion.

It's also a lightweight book so it can be easily tossed in a bag when travelling so that the family keeps up with their devotion no matter where life takes us each day.

One of the best parts is that the word choice for each day is not predictable. Another is the style of writing. When reading, you can tell with ease that the author revers God and wants the reader to get to that same place of reverence.

For family's who are just starting out with family worship and coming together for daily family devotions, I recommend you start here. Somewhere that sets a foundation for your family worship and devotions together.

To read a quick excerpt before purchasing, click here.

And as always, please note that I received a free copy of this book from the publisher, Moody Publishers, in exchange for my honest opinion.