Lies Girls Believe Review

Book Review: 

After reading Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s original book, I was a bit hesitant to read this addition to the Lies _____ Believe series. There were many areas of Nancy’s book that I found to be unbiblical, stretching, and legalistic. But with the incredible amount of negativity surrounding young girls today, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give this one (and the Mom’s Guide) a try.

I was beyond impressed with the design and illustrations of the book. It has a bit of a comic book feel. Both Dannah and Nancy are presented as cartoon characters. Nancy pops up throughout the book with her own little nuggets of wisdom. Zoey is the character that walks through the book with the reader. You follow her through her personal interaction with each lie - being overwhelmed with emotion towards her decisions: excitement, disappointment, discouragement, etc.

It’s also very interactive. It’s not simply a “read and be done” book. This is much more a devotional style mixed with a detective feel and quizzes and challenges incorporated throughout. Each chapter also provides real life issues from real life girls with their pictures. I like this portion as it makes the book much more relatable and believable to a young girl who finds out she is not the only one dealing with such issues.

The book is 169 pages sectioned into 3 parts with 14 chapters.
Part 1 = Truth…Or Problems!
Part 2 = Lies Girls Believe and the Truth That Sets The Free (Your Truth Lab)
Part 3 = The Truth That Sets You Free

The lies are presented within the following groupings:
Lies About God
Lies About Myself
Lies About Family
Lies About Sin
Lies About Being A Girl
Lies About Boys
Lies About Friendship
Lies About The Future

I was pleasantly surprised by how biblically based the book was compared to Nancy’s original. I could not find much that I theologically disagreed with or found to be legalistic. There were some areas that would only be appropriate for girls that are a bit older and have had proper discussions with their parents. For example, in the Lies About Being A Girl section, the female anatomy is presented along with puberty. This was presented very well in the book, but I do feel this is conversation that should take place between a girl and her parents prior to reading about it in a book.

Even though my daughter is still a toddler, I absolutely loved this book. I believe any young girl would enjoy reading this book and soak up an immense amount of wisdom.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.