Lies Girls Believe Review

Book Review: 

So excited to share about this mom and daughter study by Dannah Gresh. Last year my daughter and I did her Secret Keeper Girl Mom and Daughter Devos, which focused mostly on modesty from a biblical concept. Well this new study, Lies Girls Believe & The Truth That Sets Them Free, is geared toward tweens (9-12 year olds) focuses on the many issues our girls are facing today from the culture, in their schools, media, their feelings, body changes, situations with their friends and family. This teaches girls what the truth is of those lies and points them to God’s truth to help combat those lies and overcome issue/situations they are facing. Dannah also worked with Nancy DeMoss on this book and study, who happens to be one of my favorite women book authors. I actually read her book Lies Women Believe last year. It was where Dannah got the idea that a book like that was need for our tween girls, as they were working on one for younger girls/teenagers. Which is unfortunate, but research shows are girls are facing more pressures and struggles then we mom’s did at their age. No longer issues just about friendship and school pressures, now they are facing gender and homosexuality issues, social media, boy craziness, body image issues, depression, etc…

Dannah reminds us that there is no promise of knowing how our kids will turn out, however we should be intentional about planting Truth in their hearts. I have to agree, I don’t want to have regrets later that I didn’t teach my children Truth and then later we are dealing with tougher issues. Plus, if we don’t teach them someone else will and that may not come from a good source. Now is the time to start, so that we can thrive in our parenting and relationships with our children, instead of saying we just survived the tween and teenage years. She reminds us this won’t be easy, as Satan is seeking to steal and kill and destroy. The best way to win this war is to pray and teach our children God’s Truth. Plant seeds and help them be rooted in Truth (Colossians 2:6-7). This book is a helpful tool, that will help you start dialoguing with your child(ren). It provides examples that are real-life situations, questions, Scripture study, prayer prompts, data from the mom panels they gathered, statics, and more. All this will help you teach your daughter(s) and have deeper conversations.

My daughter really likes her student book, it is colorful, cute graphics, provides journal area to answer questions, help you dig into Scripture, the characters in the book, and wisdom section from Nancy. I went ahead and got the Mom’s Guide To Lies Girls Believe, as it provides more information and teaching notes for us moms. I really suggest getting both books, as they work together. However, you could use just the child book, but I feel you would get more out of it having the mom’s guide. There are 13 chapters in all, so we are going through and doing one to two chapters a week. We are each reading a chapter at a time, then coming together to discuss it after reading. You could do this in a group setting too, with moms and daughters. Though there are some discussions you won’t want to share in a group section, but you could make it work, so the girls could learn from each other and support one another.

I have a few mom friend’s that are excited to have a resource like this and I am thankful for resources like this to help me in my parenting that focuses on Truth and Wisdom from God, especially in these difficult subjects that are not always easy to talk about, but are needed. Plus sometimes, I need something to help me relate to knowing what our girls are facing, as some of these issues I have never had to deal with.

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