Lies Girls Believe Review

Book Review: 

[I received a copy of this book thanks to Moody Publishers in exchange for my honest review.]

Wow. Just like its original counterpart for young & older women, Lies Women Believe, this book speaks to girls, specifically those around the ages of 9 to 12. From the beginning of Time, Lies have plagued the human race, and until our Lord comes again, they will continue to do so. It is of the utmost importance for us to address the lies that seem as sweet as honey in our minds, but in reality they only entrap. This book by Dannah Gresh & Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth throws light onto the very real lies that girls face every day. Lies about themselves, about God, their family, boys, sin, etc.

Just like I recommend Lies Women Believe, I also HIGHLY recommend this one for young girls. However, I would suggest the girls read this book with their mothers & the guide that accompanies it. God knows a daughter needs her mother, and what better way to grow that relationship than with a book helps address the harder topics?

That said, I would add that it's entirely up to the parents whether or not they believe their daughter(s) to be ready for some of the lies that are addressed. Most girls I know in this age group are sheltered from a good portion of these lies that attack their other sisters, and they may not need something like this just yet (though I would say, eventually, they should still read it!). Again, that is up to the parents. But in my opinion, the only section that parents may be wary of in this regard would be Chapter 8, where it speaks of 'Lies About Being a Girl'---that God created TWO Genders, and that boys & girls are different, and it's a GOOD thing! Other daughters may struggle in some of the other areas more, like 'Lies About Myself' (the lies: "I'm not good enough," and "pretty girls are worth more") or 'Lies About Friendships', or 'Lies About Boys' ("it's okay to be boy crazy," and "I don't need to talk with my mom about boys").

In conclusion, this is a fantastic book for mothers & daughters. The chapters are interactive---you'll want some colored pencils & your Bible!---and easy to read. The girls shouldn't have a problem with boredom, and the illustrations are cute & engaging. It is easy to see the passion Dannah Gresh has in reaching girls with the Truth. Our world---these precious girls---NEED such resources as this!