Lies Girls Believe Review

Book Review: 

I had the privilege and honor of reading Lies Girls Believe by Dannah Gresh. This is an amazing book. Run to the store or get online and grab this book for your daughter. I would suggest this for girls ages 11 to 14.

Dannah does start off letting the mom or reader know that this is a book that might tackle some issues your daughter isn’t quite ready for. I would suggest that your daughter know about upcoming changes to her body before she starts to read.

Lies Girls Believe exposes 20 lies that girls tend to believe. Dannah writes “straight on” telling the truth and explaining those lies in the book. I love the way it’s written and laid out as a journal that girls can write in and make as their own.

Lies Girls Believe is an invaluable resource for all tween girls. Churches, youth groups, moms groups, and moms all need to be looking for this book and using it with their girls. There is also a mother’s guide to go along with it. I’m anxious to check that out as well.

I was honored to be given a copy from the publisher for my honest review. I highly recommend Lies Girls Believe by Dannah Gresh.