Lies Men Believe Review

Book Review: 

In "Lies Men Believe," Robert Wolgemuth outlines forty specific falsehoods that challenge Christian men in their journey towards greater holiness. For sure, all forty lies could apply in some form to both genders, but the author aims to speak from his perspective as a male believer to encourage other men to abide by the truth as found in God’s Word. The different lies cover a broad range of common refrains that grow out of our sinful fleshly desires that war against the Spirit. Some of these false claims are common among both believers and non-believers such as “making more money will make me happier” and “the world is too messed up to bring children into” while others such as “my faith and my work are unrelated” is applicable to Christians specifically. The writing style is brisk, and each lie or group of lies can be read separately making the book useful as a personal devotional or group study. Wolgemuth honestly acknowledges his own struggles and provides many personal examples of how he has sought to overcome these challenges in his life and ministry. Furthermore, he creatively ties in relevant illustrations from the Bible and other sources to engage readers in thinking through the topics. In the concluding chapters of the book, the author urges readers to find truth in the person and work of Jesus and to be devoted to the truth found in God’s Word.

I would gladly recommend this book to all Christian men as we easily deceive ourselves without fully realizing at all. Our thoughts are the product of past and present influences that may not be in step with God’s truth. The solution to this is to submit ourselves to the Bible as being the authoritative source of truth and measure all our thoughts and deeds against Scripture as God’s standard for us. Moreover, we need to be constantly in fellowship with wise believers who lovingly rebuke, correct, and encourage us when we are tempted to fall into old and new traps. Wolgemuth urges readers to seek and dwell in the truth that is found in God instead of succumbing to the competing forces that pull us away from serving and honouring God alone. For the Christian, holiness is not an option but a lifelong pursuit in the power of the Holy Spirit who indwells us to perceive and obey the truths found in the Bible.

In compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, I received a review copy from Moody Press in exchange for a book review.