Lies Men Believe Review

Book Review: 

Lies Men Believe is a very practical book which our church has begun to study in our men’s ministry. It is based firmly in biblical principles and written directly to men: bold, simple, and to the point. Wolgemuth writes in a conversational man-to-man style and generously sprinkles both biblical and personal anecdotes throughout. Most of the concepts he discusses might be challenging to young believers, but mature men will also find it a healthy reminder for thinking biblically in every situation. I found the tone to be like a father speaking with his son about important lessons in life.

Robert has written this companion to his wife’s bestselling book, Lies Women Believe. The need for this book is based on the premise that men and women are created differently by God and thus face different struggles. Some may disagree with Wolgemuth’s claim that Adam was not deceived, while Eve was (1 Tim. 2:13-14). Yet most will follow his argument that right behavior and right feelings begin with right thinking and desiring (Ps. 86:11). Men must therefore counsel their hearts according to biblical truth (257).

Each of these lies men believe and the accompanying biblical truths are simple enough to state in one sentence, but can be expanded over an hour-long lesson. This book address common lies about God, self, sexuality, marriage and family. Some sections primarily focused on men are lies about work and wealth, circumstances, and the world. Not every reader will agree with the conservative views stated in this book, but all are required to interact with the biblical evidence presented for each truth.

The physical book itself has a strong binding and uses quality paper for its pages. The headings and fonts are visually appealing and serve the reader well. I found the summary section in chapter eleven (269-286) quite helpful for future reference, although summaries at the end of each chapter would also be useful. A Discussion Guide is available at and Wolgemuth includes a few brief “Think about it” questions in every section. I recommend this book for discipleship and counseling in the local church.