Lies Men Believe Review

Book Review: 

The lies of Satan are a deadly thing. He specifically targets those who would choose to honour God and does what he can to make sure they don't. But he doesn't always create bold-faced lies to do this. He does this through the little lies, the lies that people will believe.

Throughout the eleven chapters of this instant classic, Robert Wolgemuth divulges 40 specific lies of the devil. Some of these lies are more common, while others may reside in the heart of a few. One thing is clear through all of them, however: a heavy reliance on God is the only way to survive this journey of life.

This book was so hard to put down yet so much to take in at one time. In my mind, this automatically makes it a classic of Christian literature already. When an author can point out truths in a way that makes one think, while doing it in a way that is intriguing, it is an incredible thing to see. 5 stars out of 5 easily!!