Lies Women Believe Review

Book Review: 

Have you ever been lied to? It hurts, doesn’t it? We feel so gullible and foolish when we realize we believed a lie. And we generally vow to never believe another one. But there are some lies women believe over and over again. And we feel powerless to stop.

Satan comes at our hearts with lies every day. And we believe them over and over again. Yes, it’s foolish, but he’s so good at it. Many times we are deep in belief of the lie, before we realize we need to stop it.

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Beginning of the lies women believe
The very first time we see Satan in the Bible, he is lying. He convinced Eve that God was not being honest with her, and caused her to sin.

When we read Eve’s story, we figuratively smack our heads. How could she have believed that? She walked with God every day. She knew His presence.

But Satan is crafty and cunning. He knows just the words to say to make us doubt. Just a little doubt leads us down a path of unbelief. And eventually we fall prey to his lies.

Common lies women believe
I know what you’re thinking. You’re a good Christian lady, and would never doubt God and believe Satan. But the truth is, you have probably believed more lies than you realize.

In her popular book Lies Women Believe Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth addresses 45 common lies that many women believe today. Women like you and me, who love God and want to serve Him.

Here are 10 lies Nancy mentions in her book:

God is not really good.
I’m not worth anything.
I need to love myself more.
I can sin and get away with it.
I don’t have time to do everything I’m supposed to do.
My work at home is not as significant as the work or other activities I do outside the home.
It’s my job to change my husband. (or children, or friends or…)
I’m not/she’s not a good mother.
If I feel something, it must be true.
If my circumstances were different, I’d be different.
Take a good, hard look at your life, and ask, “Have I ever believed any of these things?”

When I read that list, I don’t want to believe I’ve ever thought any of those things. But the truth is, I have. More than one. Sometimes more than one in a single day.

Emotional lies women believe
One of the most powerful lies is, “If I believe something, it must be true.” And that’s where Satan gets me every time.

If I feel that life isn’t fair, it must not be fair.

I feel that God doesn’t love me, He must not love me.

I feel like this sin doesn’t matter, so I will keep doing it.

And over and over again, I allow my feelings to lead my life. My emotions are so wishy-washy, and can change within just a few minutes.

When I trust my emotions and let them lead, I open myself up to Satan’s lies. A heart that is lead by emotions, is fertile ground for his lying attacks.

Combatting the lies women believe
In myself I have no power to overcome these lies. When I rely on my own strength I wander from lie to lie.

But I am not without hope. God gave us a powerful weapon to defeat the lies of Satan, and it’s much closer and easier to use than we realize.

That weapon is, of course, the Word of God.

The Bible is so much more than a book. It is God-breathed and inspired.

Hebrews 4:12 says: For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing assunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thought and intents of the heart.

If you ever wonder why you struggle to find the time for Bible reading and prayer, know that Satan is working in your life. He knows that a woman who spends time in the Word is less susceptible to his lies.

He will do all that he can to prevent you from reading, studying and memorizing the Bible. When you are strong in God’s Word, Satan’s power in your life is weakened.

Strengthen your heart through Bible study
Any time you can spend in the Bible is valuable. But if you want a focused study on fighting the lies of Satan, I highly recommend Lies Women Believe by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

Nancy faces the lies head on–even ones that may not be popular in today’s culture. The book is separated into topics including, lies women believe about God, about themselves, about priorities, about sexuality, about marriage, about children, about emotions and about circumstances.

As you read, you may be like me, and start to feel guilty and even ashamed that you’ve allowed yourself to believe the lies. When they are written down on a page, they appear obvious.

Yet, we fall into believing them over and over again.

But as Nancy addresses each lie, she offer multiple truths from Scripture. These verses are pointed and powerful (dare I say, sword-like?) and pierce to the heart of the issue.

Use these verses over and over. Study them, write them down where you can see them and memorize the ones you face most often.

Keep fighting Satan’s lies
I read Lies Women Believe several years ago. When I finished I felt so much stronger. Now that my eyes were opened to Satan and his dirty tricks, I wouldn’t fall into the trap again.

But as time went on, I forgot the lessons I learned, and started believing the same lies again. Recently, I got the book and started right back at the beginning.

The very first lie: God is not really good.

And as I read through the pages a second time, I understood that this is not a battle I can fight one time and be finished. It is a battle I must continue to fight every day. Sometime multiple times a day.

I’ve found that nearly every struggle I face in my Christian life begins with a lie from Satan. And the truth from the Word of God is how I can fight back.

Lies Women Believe is the resource that every Christian woman should keep at the ready. It’s wonderful to read it from cover to cover. But I’ve also found myself flipping through it to a certain topic when I’m feeling myself falling for a certain lie.

Each chapter contains a section called “Countering Lies with the Truth.” It’s like having a quick reference for the verses you need.

Satan attack us every day. But he doesn’t have to win. We can fight back with the power of Scripture.

Lies Women Believe has been a truly life-changing book for me. If you’re looking for that same kind of hope and help, you can read more and purchase a copy here.

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