Lies Women Believe Review

Book Review: 

`Lies Women Believe and The Truth That Sets Them Free` (Updated and expanded edition) is a practical living book for women by author Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. I chose to read and review this book because I am learning to turn my negative thoughts into positives.

This book reminds me of another book I am reviewing at this time, `Enough` (Sharon Jaynes). They both talk about lies women believe and how to demolish them. However, `Lies Women Believe` is more in-depth. These types of books are needed in today's society as more and more women are pushed to perform and become someone they are not. However, it is also true that the lies women believe have been around since Adam and Eve when the serpent lied to Eve and she accepted it hook, line and sinker. Not only did Adam and Eve sink because of the lie but all of humanity sunk. Our only hope is Christ Jesus. As quoted from `Lies Women Believe`, every area of bondage in our lives can be traced back to a lie (pg# 40). The most important step to overcoming lies is to replace it with the truths Jesus gives us.

Throughout this book, the author has a paraphrased story of how things may have happened in the garden, what Eve might have thought and said. She was not much different from the modern woman; confused, don't know what to believe, why does He seem so far away?

There are three sections in this book: section one tells the reader how the truth will set them free and how there are consequences for sin, section two talks about different lies women believe and what the real truth is, and section three talks about walking in truth.

I recommend this book to any woman who has those nagging negative thoughts.

If you, dear reader, don't know Christ as your Savior, Nancy leads you to repentance of your sins to salvation in Christ Jesus on pages #109 - #110. `Acknowledge to God that you have sinned against His law and that you cannot save yourself. Thank Him for sending Jesus to take the penalty that you deserve by dying for your sin. By faith, believe on Christ to save you and receive His free gift of life. Tell God that you want to turn away from your sin, to place all your trust in Christ alone, and to let Him be Lord of your life. Then thank Him for forgiving your sin; thank Him for the gift of His Spirit, who has come to live in you and who will enable you to walk in victory over sin as you yield to Him.`

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this book. All opinions are my own."