Lies Women Believe Study Guide Review

Book Review: 

I have heard about Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth's books for a while and never got my hands on them. Finding this study guide was heaven sent. Having never read the book, I found this study to be an eye opener for myself. It also spurred me on to getting the actual book as well. Though this book is thin in save compared to other studies it's packed with 150 pages godly jewels. This study goes through 11 chapters and divides into five days per chapter allowing you to focus on specific truth or topic. I will say, having never read the actual book, you will want to own a copy as this study focuses half on the book and half on biblical text. Not having the book is not a major downfall, but it's more effective to have the book. I love how simplified this study guide is. The study is great for personal use, group or even can be used as a women's study for church use. I have only made it half-way through the study, but I can't wait to finish it. It's such a blessing!