Lies Young Women Believe Review

Book Review: 

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Necessary and overdue, I just finished reading Lies Young Women Believe – And the truth that sets them free. What an amazing book, I wish it was available to me when I was a young woman. This book covers basically everything young ladies face these days, from dating to social media to worries about the future. The authors methodically step through how one can be deceived to in-depth discussion about the lies we have believed, but they don’t leave you hanging. There is a whole section on Overcoming Lies. Many times young women don’t believe there is anything they don’t know or they believe the lie that it doesn’t matter what they do right now. In a very tactful, loving and honest way the text clarifies the truth. There is no topic that is not covered. The 25 lies are separated into the following categories:
Lies about God, Lies about Satan, Lies about Myself, Lies about Sexuality, Lies about Relationships, Lies about My Faith, Lies about Sin, Lies about Social Media and finally Lies about the Future. This updated edition is very relevant to today’s millennials. There are real life stories that are shared throughout the text that help you connect as you read. I also love how each topic ties back to the Bible, making the scripture come to life and applicable to your situation. The great thing about this book is that it is not just factual, it is not just biblical, and it is not just inspirational, it is all encompassing, eye opening and life changing. Every lie that is addressed is not just exposed, the authors give you truth to stand on so that your mind can truly be transformed and you can walk in truth and freedom. This book is interactive and thought provoking. The activities and questions that are sprinkled throughout are wonderful ways to get conversations started in a group forum or even with just you and God. There is actually a study guide that would be great to supplement the reading that I think would be phenomenal to walk through with the young women in my sphere of influence.
This is a great book for young women, mothers of young women, people who work with or minister to young women. The truths found in this book can change all who read it. Again, I wish this book was out when I was younger, it could have saved me a lot of heartache and unnecessary hard lessons. I can’t wait to read the Lies Women Believe next. If it is anything like this book, it will not disappoint.