Life Lessons and Love Languages Review

Book Review: 

The life lessons from Gary Chapman. This one is good.
It is his life story after he's helped so many of us win in relationships.
And the best part is that it is in his own words, so it's not anyone's assumption or interviews but Gary Chapman on Gary Chapman. Autogbiography's are the best.

His story is broken down into five sections. The first section focusing on his upbringing and its impact on his life. The second section focusing on his education at Moody in Chicago, Wheaton in Wheaton IL, then in Colorago, and at both southeastern & southwestern baptist seminary. The third section focuses on the life lessons he gleaned during marriage. The fourth section focuses on his parenting journey and what he learned while raising his children. The last section focuses on his work in ministry and the many lessons he gleaned.

While I'll be honest I'm no fan of southern baptist churches, I do appreciate Gary Chapman and that helped me to get through the book and enjoy the lessons and glean from the lessons he shares with us.

Definitely a solid read and worth reading.